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Your own independent energy power supply could prove highly lucrative for many decades to come.

For hundreds of years farmers have used wind power to grind grain into flour and pump water from wells. The next generation of farmers are taking advantage of renewable technologies to harvest the power of wind and solar power which are both excellent alternative forms of energy. Not only are they efficient, but also generate additional income. These two types of energy have been used successfully for decades, performing very well across the world.

Support for renewable energy has increased in recent years. Many landowners utilise their land to host wind turbines or solar PV to help their farm or business thrive when margins are tight. Solar and wind energy is clean and unlimited and can be used to dry crops, heat building, or power water pumps, making your farm or business more economical and efficient.

Loryan are experts in delivering renewable energy solutions for farmers and landowners, offering cost effective solutions to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. Loryan install solar PV and wind turbines that provide excellent returns on investment.

Benefits of renewable technologies from Loryan:
• Solar and wind power offer an excellent return on investment that is retail price indexed linked
• The power generated from solar or wind energy can generate income and provide protection from rising energy prices
• Investment in renewable energy will help reduce the carbon footprint of your farm or business

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