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Biomass has the potential to deliver the most effective carbon savings of all renewable heating solutions.

ETA HACK wood chip boiler 200 kW
ETA HACK wood chip boiler 200 kW
ETA HACK wood chip boiler 200 kW
ETA HACK wood chip boiler 20 to 130 kW (20, 25, 35, 50, 70, 90 and 130 kW)
ETA HACK wood chip boiler 200 kW
ETA SH-P wood gasification boiler 20 & 30 kW with ETA TWIN pellet burner 20 & 26 kW

Many UK businesses and consumers are missing out on the benefits of energy efficiency measures and renewable heating systems due to a lack of awareness of the technologies available and an understanding of their benefits.

A recent survey revealed that nearly three quarters (74%) of UK residents don't know that biomass systems are a potential renewable heating solution.

Our aim at Loryan is to educate and inform energy consumers about the renewable heating technologies on the market and to demonstrate why renewable heat has become a vital part of the UK's future energy mix.

What is really happening to UK gas and electricity prices?


Biomass is cheaper to run than fossil fuels we use today


How the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive works and what systems are eligible

How the RHI works
The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government scheme that provides financial support to non-domestic renewable heat generators and producers of biomethane.

The RHI provides a continuous income stream for twenty years to any organisation that installs an eligible renewable heating system, ensuring that renewable heat is commercially attractive when compared to fossil fuel alternatives.

The RHI tariffs are index linked to RPI rate of inflation and guaranteed for 20 years. Coupled with lower running costs the RHI makes commercial renewable energy a very attractive investment opportunity.

Claiming RHI payments
All non-domestic installations will require metering of each heat source, including any existing fossil fuel boilers. Meter readings are to be submitted quarterly, with payments made usually within 6 weeks from when the meter reading was received.

Payback for biomass system at historic house

Annual Metered Power Usage kWh
(assuming 90% system efficiency)

350,000 kWh

Annual Heating Bill (Oil-Fired System)


Biomass Boiler and Storage Cost


Annual RHI Payments


Annual Fuel Bill Saving


Payback Period

3.8 years

Who can claim the Commercial RHI?
• Businesses
• Farmers
• Schools
• Historic Houses
• District Heating Schemes
• Industrial
• Public Sector
• Hospitals / medical centres

Eligible technologies for RHI
• Biomass Boilers
• Solar Thermal
• Ground Source Heat Pumps

Registering for RHI
Loryan Renewable Engineering can submit your installation on the Ofgem Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Register.

When doing so we will ensure your installation is RHI compliant by demonstrating:
• The installation is of an eligible renewable heat technology type and size
• The installation is completed and commissioned
• That the heat is used for eligible purposes – heating space, water or for a process where the heat is used in a building

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