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Renewable energy investments carry remarkable benefits for community associations such as club houses and village halls.

If your community group is planning to incorporate renewable energy into their buildings, then Loryan can advise on which technologies will work best for your site. Many community groups across the UK are embracing renewable energy and sustainability for existing buildings such as village halls, club houses and churches.

The Loryan team support communities who implement renewable energy solutions that will help to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Loryan can develop you a community renewable energy plans with short, medium and long-term goals for improving energy efficiency and introducing renewable energy. Your group will receive a wide range of advice, training and information to help them find the most appropriate solutions for their communities.

Loryan can help your community group achieve the following:
• Creating a 'Community Energy Action Plan' focussed on energy conservation and energy efficiency
• Developing an energy education programme for your community group
• Installing renewable technologies, including ground sourced heat pumps, biomass boilers or solar PV systems

For information and advice relating to your project, please call us on 01785 719118 or email .

For examples of our work, visit our Case Studies page.