Useful Info

Wind turbines

Can I have my own wind turbine?
Wind turbines are ideal for farms, industries and businesses to use for on-site energy generation. Your individual site specifics (such as location, wind speed and local landscape) will eventually determine the best turbine type and size for your case.

How do I find out if my site is windy enough?
BWEA has a UK Wind Speed Database, which tells you the average wind speed in your area. The actual wind speed at your site will be influenced by the local topography and any nearby obstructions such as trees or other buildings.

Are wind turbines noisy?
No. The evolution of wind turbine technology over the past decade has rendered mechanical noise almost undetectable with the main sound being the aerodynamic swoosh of the blades passing the tower.

How does a wind turbine make electricity?
Most wind turbines have three blades which face into the wind; the wind turns the blades round, this spins the shaft, which connects to a generator. A generator produces electrical energy from mechanical energy.

How fast do the blades turn?
The blades rotate at anything between 15-20 revolutions per minute at constant speed. However, an increasing number of machines operate at variable speed.

How long do wind turbines last?
A wind turbine typically lasts around 20-25 years. During this time, as with a car, some parts may need replacing.

Solar PV

What if my roof does not face directly south?
If your roof faces south-east or south-west a system will still work but a few percent less efficiently.

Do I need planning permission?
If your property is listed or if you are in a conservation area then planning permission is likely to be required and you should contact your local planning department to check.

How long will the system last?
The solar panels Loryan recommends are guaranteed to generate electricity for 25 year, although the manufacturers expect them to carry on for up to 40 years.

How safe are Loryan solar panels?
Loryan is a registered and approved member of all of the relevant industry organisations. Our installation staff are all qualified and our solar PV systems are guaranteed.

Will the solar panels work when it's not sunny?
Yes. Loryan only recommends the technically superior kind of solar panels that do not need direct sunlight to generate efficiently. Installing cheaper panels that need direct sunlight is fine if you live in Spain, but with English weather being the way it is the superior technology will bring you a higher rate of return, come wind, rain or shine.

Why is it good for the environment?
Solar energy helps to reduce the impact of climate change, acid rain and smog. Unlike many traditional forms of electrical generation, solar energy does not pollute our air by releasing polluting gasses and, unlike with nuclear power, there is no radioactive waste that needs to be transported and stored at great expense.

Is servicing required?
Solar PV panels are one of a few renewable technologies that require little or no maintenance. They are kept clean by the sun and rain and once they are installed they can be left alone.

How reliable is the system?
There is are no moving parts, so there is little to wear out or go wrong. However, if your panels are not getting any sunlight, for example, if they are covered in snow or leaves, then you should take action.