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Ground and air source heat pumps extract low-grade heat energy and compress it into smaller amounts of high-level heat, which can be used to heat spaces and water.

Ground source and air source heat pumps are an excellent solution for many homes and businesses, including those that are not on the gas grid and new builds. They can supply 100% of your property's heating and hot water requirements.

As the owner of a heat pump you can make significant savings on your fuel bills thanks to the much greater efficiencies of these units compared to traditional fossil fuel systems. Heat pumps require minimal maintenance – there are no expensive service contracts – and they have a far greater life expectancy than a standard boiler.

Benefits of ground and air source heat pumps…

• Highly efficient heating systems
• No need for fuel stores or fuel deliveries
• Reduced running costs
• Potential income from the Renewable Heat Incentive
• Reduced CO2 emissions

Deciding on whether to go for a ground source or air source heat pump depends your view on cost and future energy prices, as well as your 'investment time-frame'. Loryan is a MCS certified heat pump supplier who can provide reliable and honest advice on the best system for your project. If you would like to find out more please call 01785 719 118 and one of our renewable energy specialists will be happy to help.