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Ground Source Water Pump

An efficient, economical and low-maintenance option for use in agriculture, industry and recreation.

How ground source water pumps work
Powered by solar PV, a submersible water pump featuring a DC motor pumps water up into an elevated storage tank.

Why choose a solar powered ground source water pump?
Solar pumps offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel-burning engines and generators for domestic water, livestock and irrigation. They are most effective during dry and sunny seasons and require no fuel deliveries, and very little maintenance.

Against rapidly increasing fuel prices, volatile livestock and crop markets and mounting threats to maintain agricultural productivity – can any farmer seriously afford not to consider solar water pumping?

Submersible pumps for solar PV applications usually use a direct current (DC) motor which are more efficient than using alternate current (AC) motor and a larger PV panel array to account for the power losses in the inverter and the lower efficiency of the motor. The water pumps are used to pump the water out of a well or other water source, such as a pond, to fill a livestock water tank or an elevated water holding tank. The water from an elevated tank can be gravity fed to a livestock water tank or any other uses as needed.

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