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Solar Tracking

Track the motion of the sun throughout the day to increase power output by up to 30 per cent.

How solar tracking works
Solar tracking works by aligning your solar panels so that they are in the best position to fully utilise the sunlight thus making your solar panels a great deal more productive.

A solar tracker follows the sun across the sky, ensuring panels receive the optimum amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Solar tracking devices serve to orient a solar panel or concentrate a solar reflector (or lens) towards the sun. Concentrators – especially in solar cell applications – require a high degree of accuracy.

Precise tracking of the sun is achieved through single or dual axis movement. Single axis solar trackers move through either horizontal or vertical axes. Horizontal axis trackers are used in tropical regions, where the sun is very high at noon, but days are short; more appropriate for the UK, vertical axis trackers are suitable for latitudes where the sun doesn't get very high, but summer days can be long.

Double axis trackers move through both horizontal and vertical axes; they are used to control astronomical telescopes. We can supply software which automatically predicts and precisely tracks the sun's movement across the sky.

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