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Maximise your lands earning potential and secure long-term income that generates an excellent economic return.

Why choose wind?

The UK has more usable wind power than any other European country. Wind turbines convert kinetic energy from wind into mechanical energy, which is then used to power a generator that converts this energy into electricity. Utilising this free energy source not only helps the environment but also saves you money by generating your own electricity. A wind turbine from Loryan will also be eligible for the Government-backed feed-in-tariff (FIT), guaranteeing your wind turbine is a sound investment. As an engineering company, Loryan have a wealth of specialist experience and knowledge in micro-generation wind energy technologies.

Why invest in wind turbine?

• Up to 20 year Government guaranteed payments
• Indexed linked payments future proof your investment
• Bank beating percentage return on your capital
• Protection from future energy price increases

Turbines available from Loryan

Loryan offer range of turbine sizes and power output, suitable for the agricultural, industrial, commercial and public sector.

Main criteria for considering a turbine

Have you enough wind power: Finding out if you have enough wind power to make your project financially viable is very important. If a turbine cannot give you a sensible ROI (return on investment), then your project is not worth pursuing. We can offer a wind monitoring service to generate site specific and obviously more accurate data in order to provide more precise pay off periods and financial forecasting.

The planning process explained

If the location does offer a sensible ROI the next stage is to consider planning requirements for the wind turbine. Many things can stop planning, but with new government regulations, planning departments cannot say NO on visual and noise alone, they have to find a specific reason to say no i.e. endangered bats roosting nearby. We can complete the planning applications and various reports using our in-house design service.

Choosing the right turbine

Loryan have fully investigated the world market for wind turbines to look for the best models for their particular class and size. Loryan offer the best available and most reliable technology at an affordable price. We have looked at manufacturers throughout the world and considered many factors such as:

• British standards for wind turbines, BS 61400-2
• The technology used in the turbine
• Annual production energy output kWhr
• Where it is manufactured
• How it is manufactured
• The price
• Warranty aspects
• Service and support
• Communication and language barriers
• Testing of products
• MCS Certification
• Manufacturers philosophy, approach and work ethic

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